Springing from Botswana’s extraordinary journey toward economic excellence.  Nestled in the heart of Africa. This vibrant nation has transformed into a symbol of economic stability, sustainability, and innovation. 

About Botswana
Business Awards

Welcome to the Botswana Business Awards and Investment Summit, where we shine a brilliant spotlight on Botswana’s remarkable journey towards economic excellence. We are more than just an event; we are a celebration of Botswana’s past, a catalyst for its future, and a beacon for brand Botswana.

Our Story: The genesis of the Botswana Business Awards and Investment Summit can be traced to the visionary spirit of this nation. Botswana, with its rich tapestry of culture, heritage, and diverse landscapes, has also emerged as an economic powerhouse on the African continent. Our event embodies the essence of this transformation.

Our Purpose: At the heart of our existence lies a profound commitment to promoting brand Botswana. We believe that the story of Botswana is one of resilience, innovation, and boundless potential. Our purpose is to showcase this story on a global stage, attracting international investors who see Botswana as not just a destination but a partner in growth.


Our mission is to catalyze international investment in Botswana by providing a platform for cross-border collaboration, innovation sharing, and the exploration of investment opportunities. We aim to contribute to Botswana’s economic growth and development.


Our vision is to position Botswana as a global investment hub while recognizing and honoring local businesses that excel across various sectors. We envision a thriving business ecosystem that attracts international investors and fosters local entrepreneurship.

Nomination Criteria for Botswana Business Awards:

Explore our Nomination Criteria to learn more about the standards of excellence celebrated at the Botswana Business Awards.


Nominees must have demonstrated exceptional performance in their respective sectors, setting industry benchmarks.


Recognition is given to businesses that have introduced innovative solutions or practices, contributing to Botswana's economic advancement.


Nominees should exhibit a commitment to sustainable business practices, promoting environmental and social responsibility.


Nominated businesses must have made a significant impact on the local economy, showcasing Botswana's potential as an investment destination.


Consideration is given to businesses that have actively engaged in collaboration, fostering partnerships and driving economic growth.

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Partner with Us: Ignite Opportunity! Are you ready to seize the opportunity to align your brand with excellence and innovation? We invite potential sponsors to join us as partners in shaping the future at the Botswana Business Awards and Investment Summit. 

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