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The Awards: Celebrating Excellence

❝ Join us at the Botswana Business Awards and Investment Summit, where the past meets the promise of tomorrow.❞

The Aim of the Founders is simple: to spotlight Botswana’s boundless potential and allure as an investment hotspot. We unite global investors with local businesses, cultivating growth, collaboration, and a lasting legacy of economic prosperity.

The crown jewel of our event is the Botswana Business Awards. This is where we honor and celebrate businesses that have not only thrived but have also set new benchmarks of excellence. These businesses aren’t just contributing to the nation’s economic growth; they are ambassadors of brand Botswana.

Promoting Brand Botswana, giving her international visibility: We provide a global platform where Botswana’s success story resonates far and wide. We invite international investors to witness the allure of Botswana and consider it as a prime investment destination.

Partnerships: By connecting local businesses with global investors, we are forging partnerships that promote Botswana’s brand as a hub for innovation,sustainability, and economic stability.

Inspiration: We believe that every success story emerging from Botswana inspires others to reach greater heights. By sharing these stories, we are not just celebrating excellence but also promoting brand Botswana as a land of opportunity. Join us in celebrating Botswana’s past, present, and future at the Botswana Business Awards and Investment Summit.

Together, we will continue to write the success story of brand Botswana, inspiring the world with our potential and promise.

❝ Join the journey and be a catalyst for growth ❞

Meet Our Pioneering Partner

Our Pioneering Partner: Special Economic Zones Authority (SEZA) Step into the world of innovation, inspiration, and investment with our pioneering partner, the Special Economic Zones Authority of Botswana (SEZA). Picture a canvas where economic growth and development come to life, and SEZA stands as the masterstroke, infusing our Inaugural Botswana Business Awards and Investment Summit with a unique flavor of investment brilliance. As our founding partner, SEZA conducts a symphony of commitment to elevate economic prospects.

Their resolute presence sets the stage for an extraordinary event that’s not just about celebrating past achievements but fueling future ambitions. SEZA isn’t just a partner; they’re the driving force that propels our nominees and award recipients to scale new pinnacles of success. With a treasure chest of experience and a trailblazing spirit, SEZA inspires, invigorates, and ignites. Their support isn’t merely instrumental; it’s a transformative force that turns dreams into realities.

Together, we craft an event that doesn’t just honor excellence; it lays the foundation for a future brimming with investment opportunities

Partner with us: ignite opportunity!

We invite potential sponsors to join us as partners in shaping the future at the Botswana Business Awards and Investment Summit. Diverse Sponsorship Categories: Fueling Prosperity Together. In our dynamic event, various sponsorship categories await your engagement.

Whether you’re in communications, transport, marketing, merchandise, or any other business sector, there’s a niche where your brand can shine. Become a sponsor, and let’s craft a partnership that resonates with your business objectives.

Exclusive Award Sponsorship: Leave Your Imprint For corporates seeking to make an indelible mark, we offer the chance to select a special award to sponsor and co- name with us. Imagine your brand standing shoulder-to-shoulder with excellence, etched into the legacy of our event. Attach a prize, be it in cash or in- kind, and let’s create an award that showcases your commitment to progress.

Join the Journey: Be a Catalyst for Growth At the Botswana Business Awards and Investment Summit, we believe that together, we can achieve more. By partnering with us, you’re not just supporting an event; you’re becoming a catalyst for growth, innovation, and prosperity in Botswana. Contact us at Event Contact Email/Phone] to explore partnership opportunities and let’s co-create a future filled with possibilities. Together, we’l shape Botswana’s success story.

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Partner with Us: Ignite Opportunity! Are you ready to seize the opportunity to align your brand with excellence and innovation? We invite potential sponsors to join us as partners in shaping the future at the Botswana Business Awards and Investment Summit. 

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