Earn money with BDTgame

* Play and earn money with the lowest risk ever.

* Easy and quick deposit process.

*Β  Min 500tk withdraw with bkash, nagad, rocket.

* 24/7 telegram support

BDTGame Earning Proof!

How to register BDTgame

Follow these easy steps to complete your BDTgame registration.Β 

πŸ”… Step 1: Click here to open registration page and you will see a page just like the image below.Β 

πŸ”… Step 2: Enter your valid phone number in phone number field.Β 

πŸ”… Step 3: Set a strong password and repeat it in confirm password field.Β 

πŸ”… Step 4: Check ‘Privacy Agreement’ box and click Register button.Β 

πŸš€ You are done. Now, let’s play bdtgame and earn money.Β 

bdtgame registration

How to login BDTgame

Once you done registration you can now login into your account anytime.Β 

πŸ”… Step 1: Click here to open BDTgame login page in your mobile or laptop.Β 

πŸ”… Step 2: Enter the phone number that you entered registration time. Remember phone number must be the same as registration.Β 

πŸ”… Step 3: Enter your password and click ‘Log in’ button.Β 

πŸš€ You are done. Now, let’s play bdtgame and earn money.Β 

How to deposit BDTgame

how to register bdtgame

πŸ”… Step 1: Login your BDTgame account and navigate to ‘Account’ section.Β 

how to deposit bdtgame

πŸ”… Step 2: Click Deposit option.

how to deposit bdtgame

πŸ”… Step 3: First you have to select how you want to deposit.Β  You can deposit using ‘bKash’, ‘Nagad’ or ‘Rocket’.Β 

πŸ”… Step 4: Choose deposit amount. The minimum deposit amount is 500tk.Β 

πŸ”… Step 5: Now click deposit button. Balance will be added to your account within 10 – 30 minutes.Β 

πŸ”… Deposit with bKash

πŸ”… Deposit with Nagad

πŸ”… Deposit with Rocket

πŸ”… Deposit with Upay

How to withdraw from BDTgame

πŸ”… Step 1: Login your BDTgame account and navigate to ‘Account’ section.Β 

πŸ”… Step 2: Click Withdraw option.

πŸ”… Step 3: If this is your first withdraw, you have to connect your bKash or Nagad account. As you can see i already added my bKash account.Β 

πŸ”… Step 4: Enter withdraw amount. The minimum withdraw amount is 500tk.Β 

πŸ”… Step 5: Now click withdraw button. It will take 20 – 40 minutes to complete the process.Β 

BDTGame Bonus

August-September VIP Reward

πŸ“ You have 2 months (August 1 – September 30 ) to complete the task. Our reward is continuing to serve our good agents this month. A maximum of 3000 VALID INVITES with at least 3 times recharge have a chance to win the latest DIAMOND.

πŸ”…3000 invites – 45,00,000 TAKA worth of 2 CARAT NATURAL ROUND DIAMOND
πŸ”…1000 invites – 12,49,000 TAKA worth of Gold And Diamond
πŸ”…500 invites – 5,00,000 TAKA worth of Pure Gold Bar
πŸ”…200 invites – 2,00,000 TAKA worth of Gold Treasure
πŸ”…150 invites – 1,00,000 TAKA worth of Gold Treasure
πŸ”…100 invites – 50,000 TAKA worth of Gold Treasure
πŸ”…75 invites – 30,000 TAKA worth of Gold Treasure
πŸ”…50 invites – 20,000 TAKA worth of Gold Treasure
πŸ”…30 invites – 10,000 TAKA worth of Gold Treasure
πŸ”…20 invites – 5000 TAKA worth of Gold Treasure

What are you waiting for? Invite now and get GOLDS!

πŸ’ŒClick for details πŸ‘‰ https://bdtgame.vip/

🚫This reward will be reviewed by professional customer service. Please make sure you are a real player. Same IP. Illegal betting. invite exception. Your rewards will be cancelled❗️ and serious accounts will be banned.

Become a BDTGame Agent & earn income without capital daily, even when you are sleeping, You no longer dream of Earning TENS of MILLIONS Every Month.

1.This promotion only applies to member’s who have registered at BDTGAME.
2.Each member who participates in this promotion is not allowed to have the same data Cellphone number, Bank Account, and IP Address with other members, if you have the same data with other numbers, then BDTGAME entitled to cancel the commission that was put on.
3.All promotions made by BDTGAME are for Active Members only. BDTGAME entitled Freeze the account or cancel the reward if there is fraud either individually or in groups.


If you have 10 straight wins (ANY AMOUNT) you can get a 20%bonus of your total bet amount.

πŸ“ŒNo betting limit
πŸ“ŒThe same period is not included in the calculation.

To apply for the bonus, Contact Customer Service:

-Send them a screenshot of your ID NUMBER
-Leave them a message stating your concern
-Send them screenshots of your winning streak record

Customer Service will reply once they’re available. Please wait patiently.

BDTGame Tutorial

BDTGame Registration
BDTGame Cash Deposit
BDTGame Cash Withdrawal


For any queries you can directly contact with us through email mdsabbirhossaing3332@gmail.com
Or you can directly join our official Telegram support group.